» » Обновление для Xtreamer Prodigy и Sidewinder 3 до версии 3.5 RC 6

Обновление для Xtreamer Prodigy и Sidewinder 3 до версии 3.5 RC 6

После первой и второй версии прошивок с приставкой "релиз-кандидат" от будущего релиза финальной 3.5  Xtreamer выпустил прошивку "шестой" версии 3.5 RC6 для двух своих новинок - Xtreamer Prodigy 3D / Black и  Xtreamer Side Winder 3. В версии 3,5 добавлен очень хороший каталогизатор контента и добавлено очень много фиксов котрые в целом значительно улучшают производительность плееров на чипе Realtek 1186.


Обновление для Xtreamer SideWinder 3 и Prodigy версии 3.5 RC2


В этом обновлении мы видим дальнейшее следующие улучшения:

  • Added XlistnPlay Music Project. You will find a new item in APPS in your Home Screen. Please note that this project is not working due to a last minute change made in youtube. Wait for a Fix.
  • Added several new scrapers based on the CFSD project. (Thanks to the efforts made by vPeter and Martin Jaburek )
  • BDMV structure for Jukebox added


  • You can now delete Movie info from Jukebox using the button 8 in the remote control . Once pressed you will be prompted with a popup screen asking for confirmation.
  • Video setting icons Added
  • Background UI to XT style added
  • Ability to scroll pages in Jukebox by pressing page Up&Down buttons.
  • Font is slightly bigger in Jukebox Info pane.
  • We moved the info bar a little above and made wordings description slightly bigger
  • Aded new method to jukebox scrape engine. The info will be created according to the OSD language. TMDB supports several languages like FR/ES/DE/IT and this plugin will work only for TDMDB.
  • We modified the descriptions of the audio settings.
  • Many Core languages and base-packages were compiled inside the linux Kernel. Python, Perl were added amongst many others. Please consult THJ for full details of his wonderful App Installer Project.

Bugs fixed

  • Jukebox database is gone after reboot. - We changed the way and timing the engine write the database file. We hope this is solved and over. We are monitoring this issue.
  • Movie name containing some character ( "&" " . " etc) cannot be deleted.
  • device is shutting down after screen saver is activated during scraping.
  • when a poster does not exist, Show Timer kills itself.

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