» » Обновление Firmware для PopBox V8 от 20го Апреля

Обновление Firmware для PopBox V8 от 20го Апреля

Разработчик Syabas Technology выпустила новую прошивку для попкорна PopBox V8 преемник PopBox 3D плеера.

Данная модель является отличным бюджетным медиа-плеером с хорошими отзывами пользователей.


Обновление Firmware для PopBox V8 от 20го Апреля


Изменения в данном обновлении следующие:

Video and Audio playback

  • Fixed cannot use next button to start play an m4a audio in playlist
  • Fixed fail to do playback for BDISO via NFS server
  • Fixed during BGM the home button from RC become no response
  • Fixed during music playback then select "Play Now" get audio mute after some steps
  • Fixed BDMV does not promt if there is a music playaback at background
  • Fixed other bugs


  • Fixed samba share folder access error, when the shared folder is unshared and then shared again
  • Fixed subtitle menu value does not tally with the setting in setup page
  • Fixed incorrect audio format icon at infobar
  • Fixed cannot get wifi connection if SSID contain ampersand
  • Added the ability to add song to queue
    • "Enter" will show a popup to add songs to queue or to play selected song now
  • Added web apps
    • green key on RC will toogle on/off the "virtual mouse"
  • menu button on RC will bring up Navigationbar (Previous, Next, Reload, Home, Navigator and Exit)
    • Improved mms/rtsp codec streaming support  
  • Fixed other bugs


  • Fixed mess up the list if navigate up/down arrow key when total item is 61
  • Fixed press return able to navigate back to setup if user choose browse share at setup page
  • Fixed Share folder listing page will hang and highlight on last row when not have content
  • Fixed after change movie info then download poster/fanart for few times caused screen keyboard no response
  • Fixed Get missing highlighted bar at on screen keyboard
  • Added new language : Romanian, Korean, Croatian and Vietnamese
  • Updated German and Hungarian language.
  • Added Mature Content Feature to AppsMarket
  • Handle the resend activation email error in AppsMarket
    • Added the ability to show previous/next 
  • Fixed other bugs

Known Issue

  • Unable to get wifi connection when disable broadcast SSID.

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