» » Новая прошивка для Popcorn Hour A-400 от 27.11

Новая прошивка для Popcorn Hour A-400 от 27.11

Для новой модели проигрывателя от Popcorn Hour - 3D медиаплеера Popcorn Hour A400 вышло обновление направленное на усовершенствование стабильности программного обеспечения устройства.

У нас Popcorn Hour A-400 ожидается в конце Декабря 2012 года - начале Января 2013 года, делайте предзаказы на 3D плеер, количество будет ограничено.

Изменения в текущей прошивке:

1. Known Issues

  • - SD Cards with Class 10 currently don't work because of an kernel issue (Sigma fixed it already, possible to be included in next build)
  • - BD/TS/M2TS Changing Audio or Seek on playback needs long time to recover audio (already fixed internal)
  • - proxy setting does not take effect upon boot up (already fixed internal)
  • - 3D playback stability issues (already fixed internal)
  • - Cannot playback after power off (screen off) and on again (already fixed internal)
  • - Youtube with 1080p24 will get flickering
  • - some mkv with idx/sub freeze when first subtitle should show up
  • - Connecting both internal sata and e-sata harddisk at the same time, the system cannot boot up
  • - External subtitle is shown inside the movie instead of black bar at the bottom

2. Firmware

  • - Fixed subtitle get out of screen in zoom too big
  • - Fixed unable to playback some 3D file on 2D tv
  • - Fixed bookmark not working for MPG/MPEG/VOB files
  • - Fixed BDMV/BDISO external subtitle continue to progress when video is paused
  • - Fixed Some ts/m2ts/BDMV will hang in the middle of the playback
  • - Fixed Some ts/m2ts/BDMV cannot get the movie length (and thus cannot do trick play)
  • - Fixed ts/m2ts/bd-lite often hang after seek or trick mode
  • - Fixed Certain BDMV cannot be played issue (black screen forever)
  • - Fixed Pgs subtitle sometimes does not show up
  • - Fixed Tv black-out after playing back dvd with tvmode 1080p24
  • - Fixed DTS-HD audio track is split into one DTS-HD and one DTS track
  • - Fixed TrueHD audio track is split into one TrueHD and one DD core audio track
  • - Fixed On BD playback changing chapter sometimes let the player freeze (should be better in this build but not fully fixed)
  • - Fixed ssif bookmark not working issue
  • - Added utf8/utf16 srt subtitle encoding detection for BDMV/BDISO
  • - Added ability to get total time for AAC and MP3Pro

3. System

  • - Fixed Some app-market app crash when exit 
  • - Fixed now-playing page highlighted song incorrect after doing a few next or prev at audio popup menu
  • - Fixed POD zoom osd not closed after timeout

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