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Прошивка для Popcorn Hour A-300 05-01-111016-23-POP-421-000

Разработчики Syabas Technology от которых на днях поступил в продажу плеер PopBox V8 выпустили новую прошивку для Popcorn Hour A 300 под номером 05-01-111016-23-POP-421-000.

Напомним, что с помощью этого устройства, также известного как Popcorn Hour Networked Media Tank, можно прослушивать аудио и видео контент с подключенного внешнего жесткого диска, сетевого NAS или компьютер в домашней сети.

Прошивка для Popcorn Hour A-300 05-01-111016-23-POP-421-000 Прошивка для Popcorn Hour A-300 05-01-111016-23-POP-421-000

Обновление 1080p медиаплеера прошивки можно произвести с помощью USB флешки распаковав в корень архив прошивки а затем в меню Setup> Maintenance> Firmware Update нажать на кнопку "Проверить наличие обновлений прошивки" после чего плеер, обнаружив новую версию предложит обновиться.

Изменений заключается в следующем:


  • fixed playback seamless branching BD in SimpleBD will cause video freeze.
  • fixed DVD folders triggering BD navigation prompt

Video and Audio playback

  • fixed Pause function not disabled in Shoutcast Radio
  • fixed takes long time to start Shoutcast Radio
  • fixed Now Playing page highlight bar not long enough
  • fixed DVD ISO/folder playback via NMJv2 will cause reboot
  • fixed gapless audio skipping small files
  • fixed playback certain MKV files get macroblocks
  • fixed get quartered screen when playback video through Component PAL. Tested on DVD ISO/VideoTS (Bug #5002650)
  • fixed AudioCD Ripper unable to work


  • fixed drive does not spin down after "safely remove HDD"
  • fixed get player reboot after remove USB slave from PC, only happen on EXT3 HDD (Bug #5002906)
  • fixed OSD display the same name for different HDD partitions (Bug #5002516)
  • fixed unable to access through Samba, folder created by users on NMT shared folder
  • Update colorspace: added YCbCr and changed color "16-235" to "sRGB (16-235)"
  • fixed unable to do firmware recovery


  • fixed add or remove USB-DVDROM, status not refreshed.
  • fixed navigation error
  • NMJv2
    • fixed playlist add to queue issue
    • fixed video detail path show "undefined" (Bug #5002618)
    • fixed list view video info show "Nan" and "undefined" (Bug #5002618)
    • fixed search music by title issue (Bug #5002892, 5002895)
    • fixed show extra title on compact wall for TV Show
    • fixed German translation
    • temporarily change NMJ switch to file browser, will redirect to local/network media (Bug #5002913)
    • fixed music by song shown as undefined category
    • fixed music by genre compact wall will return error
    • fixed music by artis fail to add songs to playlist
    • fixed incorrect search result
    • fixed missing status message during downloading
    • Update languages file
    • fixed does not show BDMV filename at change info title dialogbox
    • fixed keyboard Tab issue at change info dialogbox
  • File browser
    • fixed BDMV do not prompt BD navigation
    • fixed incorrect UPnP header icon
    • fixed recurring "Do you want to create new database?" prompt under certain condition.
    • fixed when no previous last source selected, default to filebrowser.
    • fixed after safely remove for 2nd or 3rd device, will cause file browser page lockup (Bug #5002920)
    • fixed Eject button appeared in network content/media.
    • fixed when illegal characters like '*' used in rename dialogbox, UI will hang
    • fixed incorrect color indicator for mark and unmark
    • fixed Hebrew language corrupt issue
  • NMT Apps Wizard
    • updated English and Japanese translation
    • fixed FTP and NFS duplicated when return to Setup Option page
    • updated German translation
    • fixed description duplicated when remove device in Setup Option page
    • fixed radio items duplicated when remove device in Media Destination page
    • fixed radio items and error message appear at same time when remove device in Storage Device page
    • fixed "undefined" radio items when remove device in Media Destination page
    • updated all language translations
  • Setup
    • fixed NMT apps starting status
    • fixed BD navigation option having no effect
    • fixed Setup page locked, but still able to navigate page
    • added version page (triggered by blue and yellow key in firmware update page)
    • fixed set video mode overlapping issue
  • Library
    • fixed Hebrew, Norwegian, Hungarian, Polish language corrupt issue


  • fixed wrong version number for Flash apps UI

Known issues

  • Seamless branching BD via SimpleBD will still stutter during the branching
  • Although *.DAT file can be detected by NMJv2, temporarily unsupported
  • Although already safely remove HDD (device spun down), users still able to format/install NMT apps on device.

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