» » Прошивка для Popcorn Hour PopBox V8 05-01-111025-23-POP-418-000

Прошивка для Popcorn Hour PopBox V8 05-01-111025-23-POP-418-000

Разработчики Syabas Technology - PopcornHour выпустила новую прошивку для своей бюджетной новинки - Popcorn Hour PopBox V8, преемника PopBox 3D.

Прошивка 05-01-111025-23-POP-418-000 выпущена как “форумная” в качестве бета-версии распространяется только на официальном форуме, но мы предлагаем ее вам.


Прошивка для Popcorn Hour PopBox V8 05-01-111025-23-POP-418-000


Изменения в данном обновлении HD проигрывателей следующие:


Video and Audio playback

  • Fix HD audio drop out when in pass-through mode (#5002236)
  • Fixed disc auto play not working (#5002292; #5002703, #5002704, #5002662).
  • Fixed some BDs in Simple BD caused reboot (#5002775).
  • Fixed issue in SimpleBD playback, which cannot get next file in multiple ts movie when switching title.
  • Fixed gapless audio skip small file issue.
  • Fixed subtitle not persistency in playlist/repeat mode.
  • Enable BD navigation 'File view' and 'Prompt' in setup page.


  • Fixed IR become unresponsive
  • Fixed USB DVD/BD ROM cannot be detected without rebooting the player (#5002289).
  • Added new driver for WN150
  • Fixed WN150 cannot connect to TKIP.
  • Added signal strength and security lock icon beside SSID for WN150 WiFi dongle.
  • Fixed issue where setting cannot be saved when changing from non secured to secured connection on same SSID.
  • Fixed SSID do not auto refresh after getting connection while using WN150 WiFi dongle.


  • Added support to AVCHD, CDi, BDRE and BDROM Disc
  • Added support to hebrew language detection for info (title, plot, rating, cast and director will align to right)
  • Able to add SMB/NFS network paths as shortcuts at file browser and not limit to the root folder only
  • Fixed other bugs

Known issue

  • with framerate sync on, playback may take up to 30 seconds to start

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